Welcome to SKEdazzles!

Welcome to SKEdazzles, a lifestyle blog on travel, fashion, design, and general inspirational musings, all shared with you from my point of view.

Who am I? No one in particular, just someone who over the years has developed a love for travel, design, fashion, photography and finding my spiritual center in life. Curious about the meaning of the blog name, SKEdazzles? The first three letters are my intials, and “dazzles” was chosen after conducting a very serious and thorough poll on my Facebook page. 🙂 So there you have it, *SKEdazzles*.

Please bear with me as I find my direction with this blog and feel free to comment on what you like and what you don’t. My goal is to share information, photography, life lessons, silly tidbits and yes, it’s fairly likely, that I will step on my soap-box once in awhile. I hope you will find it interesting and I welcome your interaction on this site.

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