Who Says California Doesn’t Have Seasons?

I don’t know if it’s just me or if this fall season has been an exceptionally vibrant one. The leaves all around seem to be on fire. This was especially apparent to me on a recent visit to the Napa Valley. As we drove down Hwy 29, the vineyards were casting a golden glow and the trees were sizzling in vibrant ruby reds, chartreuse and sage hues. No doubt, a beautiful sight to see.

I was enamored with the beauty of it all and came to realize, that as many times as I had been to this area, I had never been to the Napa Valley in the late fall season. Vivid orange pumpkins adorned many of the gorgeous wineries and quaint shops somehow creating a “Mayberry” hometown feel. With memories fondly flooding in from my childhood days in Virginia, a warm feeling of contentment came over me. But wait, this is California, we don’t have “seasons” here.

I beg to differ with this statement. Albeit, a very small window, California does experience a  beautiful fall season. In many ways, I find this to be my favorite time of the year. The weather is brisk in the mornings and the evenings and the days are a perfect tempurature. Children have gone back to school, the crowds have diminsished leaving a peaceful atmosphere throughout the towns and the excitement of the holidays are ahead of us. I find this an ideal time to explore and enjoy new adventures.
On this recent trip to the wine country, we stayed in Calistoga at Solage, an Auberge Resort, with a casual, relaxed attitude but all luxury. The resort is comprised of individual cottages that come equipped with two bikes per cabin so you can get around the resort and ride into downtown Calistoga, less than a mile away. However, with their Michelin Star restaurant, SolBar, and Spa Solage being named #1 in the US by Conde Nast Traveller, there really is no reason to leave this haven.
So don’t blink because you may miss our extraordinary fall season, but if your eyes are open, I encourage you to bask in the beauty of the season and soak in its glory ~ for however short a period it may be.

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For more information contact Susan Edel at Saratoga Travel, 408.867.9861.

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