Moroccan Oasis in Arizona Desert

From the instant I drove up to this resort, The Montelucia Resort & Spa had me at “Hello”. The resort sits on 28 acres of land at the base of Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, AZ. Since its inception in 2008, the resort has already managed to be recognized with all the major awards by many prestigious publications such as Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast, Elite Traveler and too many local publications to mention.

From the moment you step on the property, it’s easy to see why this resort has already become so honored. Aside from the friendly staff, one of the first things to catch your attention is the colorful and vibrant hues of the buildings reminiscent of the red rock backdrop that is native to Northern Arizona. However, it’s the Moroccan and Spanish influences in the architecture and fine details that are executed throughout the resort that really dictate the ambiance. There are beautiful water and fire features scattered throughout the property and soft piped-in music soothes you as you stroll the grounds. In keeping the resort authentic, they have imported antiquities from Spain and Morocco and have consigned artists to customize Moroccan glass light fixtures and furniture.

The property is designed to reflect the feeling of a small European Village incorporating some multi-functional buildings with restaurants below and guest rooms above. There are plenty of public areas for mingling with comfortable seating and fire pits, along with open bars around the pools, and a small café/store. The resort rooms are filled with rich, warm tones, over-stuffed furniture and ambient lighting; and let’s not forget the Montelucia signature “Devine Bed” that lulls you to a heavenly sleep each night.

As if this isn’t enough for you, the best is yet to come. The gem of this Moroccan wonderland is the Joya Spa. What is the saying…”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”…Ok, maybe the “poor” part doesn’t really apply at a luxury resort, however, this spa offers the remedy for everything else. From the moment you are greeted at the door by your personal attendant, you feel the stress melting away. I could go on about how ultra-luxurious its décor is or how calming and relaxing the canopy beds are in the “whisper room” as you wait to be summoned for your treatment or maybe you would prefer the Eucalyptus steam room and then a cold rain shower before being whisked off to your treatment, but this is all standard fare here. Then, after being pampered beyond your belief, lounge yourself by the spa pool as you gaze at the best view of Camelback Mountain in the area and indulge in your delicious spa cuisine. Whatever your preference, this spa is a must-not-miss experience….even if you are not staying at the resort, I highly recommend treating yourself to this spa experience.

The Intercontinental Montelucia is a clear departure from any other resort in the Scottsdale area and a real treat for any traveler.

For more information or to book accommodations, contact Saratoga Travel, 408.867.9861

2 thoughts on “Moroccan Oasis in Arizona Desert

  1. Hello SKEdazzle – I have stayed at the Montelucia and you are right on! We enjoyed our stay and the spa – fitness center are high quality. It is a great place to stay during baseball’s spring training! Best, Brent

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