Christmas Ornament Countdown: Memories of Martha’s Vineyard

Countdown to Christmas ~ Today’s Ornament 

This ornament is from the very popular Black Dog Tavern and Bakery in Martha’s Vineyard, MA. This is one of my favorite ornaments. Not because it’s the most beautiful ornament I own but because I am reminded of how much I love the Island of Martha’s Vineyard with its cobble-stoned streets, shingled homes and quaint stores. I am immediately taken back to the adorable Bed & Breakfast that my husband and I stayed at and roaming around town hoping to get a glimpse of one of the Kennedy clan (John John was still alive then). This ornament represents the quintessential East Coast playground to me and, for a moment in time, I am reminded that I was there.

Do you have an ornament or something that takes you right back to that location with fond memories?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Countdown: Memories of Martha’s Vineyard

  1. Your ornament is simply wonderful! Although I do not have such an ornament that relates to Martha’s Vineyard, I do, however have very fond memories. My family has summered on the Island (Oak Bluffs) since the 1930’s, and I was fortunate enough to have spent every summer there from infancy through my eighteenth birthday. In fact, I am now in my late 50’s and still enjoy the Island as a seasonal resident.

    There is no other place quite like the Vineyard; it possesses an enchantment that captures the soul. Although intangible, this ‘thing’ runs deep and its presence is undeniable; kind of like the calming effect of a stream; quietly flowing through the essence of one’s being.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • Kevin,

      First and foremost, let me say thank you for your heartfelt response! I’ve only had this blog up for a few weeks but this is exactly the type of interaction I was hoping would occur. I love hearing people’s stories and your story, through your gifted words, immediately conjures a beautiful image of your fond memories of the island. Thank YOU for sharing! Happy Holidays!

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