Christmas Countdown: The “Hey Lady, you want a real fake Rolex watch?” Ornament

Today’s Ornament 

I picked up this ornament in Istanbul, Turkey which is definitely one of the most unique and fascinating places I have ever been. For starters, the architecture is completely unique to what we know here in the US. The Blue Mosque is probably the most famous structure with it’s rocket shaped towers looming over the city. Then, unexpectedly as you walk through town, the horn goes off for the Islamic Prayer Call which is quite eerie the first time you hear it.

The most fun is walking through The Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is a sprawling complex that houses shops, restaurants, even a couple of mosques and more but it’s the vendor’s that sit on their benches outside the shops that have you in stitches. The lines they use to try to reel you into the stores are hilarious. I really believe they have to be part comedian to be hired for the job. My favorite line was “Hey Lady, you want a real fake Rolex watch? $5″ So I asked him, “Well is it real or is it fake?” and his answer was “It’s real fake.” 🙂 I didn’t buy myself a real fake Rolex watch that day but I did buy this Turkish slipper ornament and each time I look at it, I’m right back in the Bazaar bartering with that funny man. **smiles**smiles**smiles**

2 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: The “Hey Lady, you want a real fake Rolex watch?” Ornament

  1. So cool, Susan! When did you go to Turkey? Saxon is studying Islam and the religious practices and architecture so since I am his personal tutor, I have been studying the culture, too. Very fun to read about your real life experience. I can’t believe you didn’t buy Tom a real fake 🙂

    • Kim ~ We were there about 10 years ago, so it’s been awhile. That is so cool that the two of you are studying this culture. You will have to make a trip out there to experience it firsthand. A great way to see the Mediterranean is on a cruise because you will get to see many different areas in that region all on one trip.

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