Christmas Countdown: The “Always Believe” Ornament

This year, I put a quote on my Christmas card from one of my very favorite holiday books, The Polar Express ~ “Sometimes the most real things in this world are the things we can’t see.”

This quote almost describes me to a T. I live every day in blind faith. I have always chosen to believe that there is a higher power that guides me, protects me and that whatever happens is meant to be and everything will work out as it should. So when I came across this ornament, that simply says “Believe”, I was immediately drawn to it as it summarizes how I live my life on a daily basis.

I believe in true love, I believe in hope, I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt and that most people have good hearts. I believe we are all here to learn a lesson and to spiritually grow and I absolutely believe in angels and other worldly things that I cannot see.

Another reason this ornament is special to me is because I specifically chose to purchase it at a store called Tara’s Angels in San Juan Capistrano. Some of you may be familiar with this story as it was well publicized on many TV shows in the 1990’s. Tara Moore was teenage girl who had become passionate about angels. Immediately prior to her unexpected death, one evening she had asked her mother “When you’re finished with your work on this plane of existence, do you think you can go do more important work elsewhere?” The question would haunt her mother later that night when Tara, a passenger in a van, died in a crash.

Shattered by her death, her parents were convinced “there had to be a reason.” They came to believe that there were signs that Tara was still, somehow, with them: first, a single angel-shaped cookie left inexplicably on the kitchen counter, and they later found a song titled “You’re an Angel” lying on the floor of Tara’s room.  “We know she’s here,” said her mother, Sandy. “It’s just being open to it.” Her parents then decided to open an angel store, Tara’s Angels Bookstore, where they could give people hope, like they had come to know.

This story is so inspiring to me, as I feel it’s an affirmation that there is more out there than just what we can see. You only need to open your heart and just BELIEVE.

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