Accepting the fact that I’m the Susan Lucci of Facebook


I started this blog about a month ago so I would have an outlet to share my travel experiences, photography and general inspirational musings. I have received such great feedback from everyone who says the site looks very professional, that they love the photographs, find some of the posts really inspiring and I truly appreciate that feedback….thank you.

I also created a Facebook page so I could share my blog.  As with any ego driven human being, I was hoping to find a large following….you know, dreams of possibly finding a sponsor somewhere down the road, finding that special publisher who sees my hidden talent and has to have me as their client…then the next thing you know, I’m on the latest “it” talk show selling my book….and alas, I have found 39 loyal “fans”. Now, I’m not sure if my “like” button broke (and I will be contacting Facebook about this) but I seem to be stuck at the number 39.

If we were talking about my age, I would say great, let’s keep it at that number, but we’re talking about my future as a literary and photography phenom so I’d really like to see that number increase. Each morning I wake up, turn on my computer and head to my Facebook page in high hopes that the number 39 has turned over to 40, but sadly, it’s not to be.

I now know how Susan Lucci must have felt each time she attended the Emmies. She probably spent the day with butterflies in her stomach, getting her hair, makeup and nails done, dressed up to the nines so she would look stunning as she accepted her award and then *%POW*#, &*BANG%, #*UGH*@ ~ the winner is announced and it’s someone else and a camera is two inches from your face and you have to smile, clap and act like you are thrilled that the other person won.

 Susan Lucci – 18 time Emmy loser

Photo borrowed from OK! site

Photo borrowed from OK! site

I suppose I should follow the example of the gracious Susan Lucci and be grateful that I have an outlet for my creativity, be happy that 39 people out there know that I exist, smile when I see you all and tell you how happy I am for you that your 5000 Facebook fans love you and just accept the fact that I am a “39 Fan” stagnant loser. 

Susan Edel – Facebook “39 Fan” stagnant loser

However….I’m an optimist! I choose to look at the fact that Susan Lucci is an Emmy Winner not an 18 time loser. Think about it, how many people have an Emmy….I don’t, do you? So I will choose to look at the fact that I have 39 loving fans out there who have and will support me through my ramblings, who will either read and comment or hit the delete button when they see the post appear…but either way, they’re there for me and I sincerely appreciate it!

BTW, for the rest of you, the “like” button is located at the top of the page by my title name or there’s a “follow me” and “like” button on the blog itself…just sayin’.

PS – Does anyone have the Facebook Help Hotline number? I need to make a call.

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