Villa Montalvo

The weather has been so gorgeous lately that I decided I would take a morning of leisure and walk through Villa Montalvo, with camera in hand of course. I can’t wait to go back in the spring when the Wisteria and flowers are in bloom. Enjoy!

Click on the first picture and a slideshow will start.

3 thoughts on “Villa Montalvo

  1. Wow–all that beauty right in our own backyard. Thanks for inspiring me to talk the boys on a hike at Montalvo, Susan. We’re always looking for fun new spots. I love how you vary the perspective of your photos from far away to super close up. It makes the shots so interesting to look at. I think your little sis needs a statue like the one of the dude thirteenth down on the right~he’s right up her alley.

    • Thanks Kim. This would be a great spot for you to take the boys hiking. It’s just beautiful up there. And thanks for the comment on the perspective because I do try to make a point of varying the shots. I love details shots so I need to make sure I balance the images. Yeah, I’m just waiting for one of my photographs to be posted on The Creeping Fig, then I’ll know I’ve made it big time! 😉 PS – remind me to tell you a story that sort of relates to that statue you’re talking about.

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