Strolling through Hayes Valley

When my husband said he had an errand to run in San Francisco, I happily offered to tag along for the ride. We headed to the Hayes Valley district which I had never been to before, so as he went to go tackle his mission, I decided to stroll the neighborhood on my own.

What’s great about Hayes Valley is that this is where the locals live and hang out. You won’t find street performers, large department stores and a wax museum here but you will find unique boutique stores, local eateries (a few chain restaurants), older homes with exquisite architectural details and of course, a little San Francisco quirkiness.

Although Stacks is a chain restaurant, it had the longest wait by far to get into. We decided to grab a bite to eat at Patxi’s.

Although a few homes have been renovated, a lot of the homes in this area aren’t in pristine condition but the architectural detail on them is something you don’t find on modern homes these days. I could have spent the entire day strolling the neighborhood and marveling at the architecture of these old homes.

I fell in love with the scrolls and detail on this building.

But my favorite part of this neighborhood, is the very original and distinct San Francisco flavor of it.

No parking any time…

…except for Tiger bikes.

Leave your coat at the door…

Have a seat….

And don’t forget your pal…

A penny for your thoughts….That’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “Strolling through Hayes Valley

  1. Wow, more amazing photos. My fave is the scrolly verdigris architectural details near the Chimnay shop! Where can I get me one of those tiger bikes?? We just went up and hung out in the Mission district…very cool and funky! That could be your next adventure in the City…don’t forget to go to Bi-rite Creamery for the yummiest salted caramel ice cream. There was a line around the block!

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