Finding The Beauty In Your Day

Today is Thursday, which for me, means it’s chore day. Nothing particularly fun or glamorous about this day, but as an eternal optimist, I wondered “can I find the beauty in doing household chores?” So as I muddled through my tasks I tried seeing things in a different light.

Changing the sheets:

Doing laundry:

Cleaning the bathroom:


It’s a silly post, I know, but it was a small challenge to myself in seeing if it’s possible to find the beauty in anything you do. I’m not really sure I found it but it made my chores a little more fun and my house is clean because of it ~ so that is a beautiful thing.

Now I challenge you, can you find the beauty in your day?

7 thoughts on “Finding The Beauty In Your Day

  1. Find the fun in cleaning and organizing your home by turning on your favorite music (really loud) and singing and dancing your way around the house.

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