Step Right Up, Everyone’s A Winner At The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

In reviewing my recent photographs, I decided I wanted to add some fun, colorful and animated shots to add a little diversity to the mix. What better place to do this than at a amusement park ~ so off to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk I went.

I go to the beach often to kayak, ride my bike or stroll the lighthouse path, and the boardwalk is always there as a backdrop, but I hadn’t actually walked around the park itself in years.

When I arrived, I was anticipating having to work around quite a few people but to my pleasure I discovered that the rides are closed on weekdays during the winter. I had the park practically to myself and I felt like a kid in Candyland.

I don’t know if they’ve recently spruced up the park or if it was just because I hadn’t been there in so long, but everything seemed bigger and brighter and more colorful than I remembered. I couldn’t help but smile, as teenage memories of hanging out at the beach and riding the Giant Dipper flooded my head.

It’s amazing to me that the Giant Dipper is still in operation. It’s the oldest wooden roller coaster in the West, 5th oldest in the US and 9th oldest in the world….and it feels its age when you ride it ~ but that’s the whole thrill of it.

The game booths, concession stands, and rides looked as though they were frozen in time with their perfectly colorful and manicured exteriors, and yet it felt as though it would all come alive at any moment.

And of course, I always have to find that architectural detail to capture…

Somehow this all felt like a guilty pleasure to me. My only disappointment was that I wasn’t able to photograph the 1911 Looff Carousel as it is housed inside locked doors because it is a National Historic Landmark and local treasure… reason to return soon.

The gallery below showcases the above and many more photos for your viewing pleasure.

All photographs taken by and property of Susan Edel.

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