How Many Social Media Sites Does One Person Need?

As of about 4 years ago, I don’t think I really knew what “Social Media” was. Then my class reunion came along and I was encouraged to sign up for Facebook, and that became the beginning of my social media frenzy.

Opening my personal Facebook page led me to create my travel business page, Saratoga Travel and most recently SKEdazzles, my business page led me to sign up for my Twitter accounts, which then led me to join LinkedIn and then I discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest which convinced me I needed to showcase my photos on Smugmug and of course I started my blog, SKEdazzles, on WordPress…whew…you get the idea. I’ve since opened a Google +1 account, which quite honestly, I don’t even know what it is!?!

Social media overload or brilliant communication gateway?

So my question is: How many social media sites does one person need?….How many are too many?  Each site does seem to serve its own purpose and the great thing is that a lot of these sites are interactive so one entry gets posted on numerous sites without having to do anything further. My fear is that I may not know the full capability of all these sites and I may be duplicating my efforts but, until I know otherwise, I will have to continue as is.

So I’m curious, how many different social media sites are you on? What site could you not live without? …And…do you have any other great sites to share with me that I may not know about and cannot live without? 😉

Excuse me now as I have some apps to download on my iPhone. 🙂

23 thoughts on “How Many Social Media Sites Does One Person Need?

  1. I have four sites and to tell you the truth each one can take time either scrolling for business or scrolling to see what people are doing and going, I also have a site where I just look at the pictures and enjoy them. So, I’m not sure how many is to many but, I guess in ways they all take up time.

  2. Hi,
    I only have my WP blog, I don’t belong to any other social media sites at all. For me I just haven’t got the time to have anything else, I prefer the blogosphere, so that is what I chose. I of course have friends that are on facebook, twitter etc. who are always on my back to join. 🙂

  3. You’ve touched on some good questions. The answers are, well, not clear. It really comes down to what is the motivation for the social media. Is it to be just social–interacting with friends, relatives, and acquaintances? Then one, maybe two (the inroads w/G+ could be the 2nd). Is it to attract views to attract business. Then it comes down to where are your current and potential customers and whether you’re going to cast a wide net or just fish from the banks for the big ones. I haven’t figured it out yet either, and I’m worse than most w/3 blogs (biz, general photography, and photo blinds) and dabbles at G+, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

  4. I am like you. I enjoy Facebook to keep up on my friends, and of course with my travel business, I had to have a business page, which led to my blog.. still haven’t gotten a handle on LinkedIn, am not going to even look at G+ because I now do not have enough time to keep up on my business and feel pressure to finish that next blog post (did I do a business Facebook post recently??). Aurghhh!! Time to go have a wine paring dinner at a local winery, after all, life is supposed to be fun right?

  5. I have 5 main social media sites I use, WordPress is the one I probably use most. I could not handle anymore and 5 is tough enough some days. Thanks for sharing and making me think about how much time I probably spend on social media – ha!

  6. Super post! Me-Facebook, for now. Twitter is ok and I have a link on my blog. But I’m older so few followers. My twitter links to fb so i have to remember where to post to avoid duplicating. Could someone help me understand what LinkedIn tumblr and Flickr do? Then I can see if any of these would make sense for me. Thanks!

    • LinkedIn is a professional networking site. This is a great site if you want to connect to business professionals, if you’re looking for a job, etc. People can write recommendations for you, it’s a great site for connecting you with people in whatever industry you’re in.

      I haven’t used tumblr and Flickr but I believe they are sites for showcasing photos. I use Smugmug for my photos.

  7. There’s just too many social media that kills our time. I keep my WP blog because that’s where I truly enjoy social networking. Twitter and Facebook is there just to promote my WP blog, really. I also have linkedin as a professionalism.

  8. My blogs link to FB and Twitter. I’m on LindedIn but never use it. I rarely Tweet on my own unless I’m at a conference or something. I’m on Facebook and my blogs every day. That is more than enough for me.

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