Amangiri: Peaceful Mountain

Alright, here I go…I am going to attempt to whittle down my Utah photographs in some sane and rational order to present them to you, and at the same time try not to bore you with too much excess.

I have decided my first post will be on the unique and incredible resort that I stayed at ~ the Amangiri Resort.

Amangiri means Peaceful Mountain and that description could not be more appropriate for this resort. The resort is located in an isolated location on 600 acres in Canyon Point, Utah which is at the very Southern point of Utah and is close to the border near Page, Arizona.

The first thing that struck me is how discrete the entrance is to the resort. We actually passed it and had to double back. When you turn off the main road, you take a gravel road about a mile and end up at a nondescript metal gate with a small sign that reads “Amangiri”. There is a voice box you use to announce your arrival so they can open the gate for you.

Wondering what I had gotten us into, I slowly made my way through the gate. Within seconds, I had forgotten all about the gate and was lost in and mesmerized by the stunning landscape of huge colorful boulders that surrounded us. I had never in my life seen anything like this and I felt like Alice in Wonderland, transported to another dimension.

After approximately a mile or two drive on a windy road through this rock valley, we approach the resort.

As I pulled the car up, I see a staff of 6 or so people lined up waiting to greet us….you know, like in those period movies when the owners come home from a long winter away and the staff is standing there in their finest attire waiting to welcome them home. I couldn’t help but to feel a little giddy and so very special. I would like to say that they just did this for me because I am so special, but throughout my stay I noticed that they made every guest feel this special.

The resort is very minimalistic and designed to blend right into the landscape ~ to feel at one with the land and its surroundings. There are cut-outs and planned gaps in every direction you look that give you a peek of the incredible surroundings.

We were then escorted to our room, so we followed our guide through the resort…

Through an entrance leading to our room which first opened up to a patio and then brought us into a little piece of heaven (or at least Southwest Utah heaven).

Our room was adorned with floor to ceiling glass paneled doors that opened up the expanse of the room to create the feeling of an indoor/outdoor living environment with, of course, that stunning view.

The bed is strategically placed directly in the middle of the room for the optimal view of the gorgeous landscape and the outdoor fireplace.

A small patio (if you only count the concrete pad – otherwise, it’s probably a couple of acres of space) with two settee’s were created to enjoy the sunrise, sunset or for star-gazing in the evening. Several shooting stars were witnessed each evening while star-gazing during my stay.

Needless to say, I had no desire to leave my room at this point, but curious to see what else this fascinating place had to offer, I set out to explore.

Resort Philosophy:

The resort philosophy is that each guest should feel as though they are as comfortable (way more really) as they are at home. I believe this is one of the reasons they greet you as you drive up, like family would greet you. Another very unique characteristic here, is that  you don’t have to sign for any meals (they’re not free but no irritating wait for the bill)…no one asks you what room you are in (they just know – albeit there are only 34 rooms at this resort ~ but still) so when you’re done with your meal you just get up and walk away…like you would at home…except you didn’t cook and don’t have to do the dishes.

At the main landing of the lobby, there are four blocks with sayings engraved on them. I believe that these sayings also reflect the zen philosophy of the resort in depicting the intertwined beauty, grace and peacefulness of wind, water and stone.

As you enter the lobby, your breath is taken away from the beauty of the landscape which is framed by floor to ceiling window panels. Many small conversational seating areas have been created around huge fireplaces.

The dining room located in the same location, offers the same incredible canyon view on one side or a stunning pool view on the other side.

The Pool:

Ah…the pool…the feature that captured my attention and lured me in to visiting this location. This is by far the most unique pool setting I’ve ever seen. The pool was intentionally built right into the rocks for a stunning effect.

The Spa:

The spa transports you to a world of no stress, where all is good within the universe. It is so calming and feels so healing. You are able to use the steam pools and steam rooms even if you are not having a treatment.

Shhh….treatment in session….

The Landscape and Property:

Words cannot describe the beauty on this property. You could hike to a different location for a week or more and not discover all this place has to offer. Here are some images I captured on my hikes.


The resort offers some amazing adventures on property or off for an unforgettable experience, such as:

  • Hot air ballooning
  • Helicopter ride with drop off on rock plateau
  • Horseback riding
Truly, they will arrange anything your heart desires.

I could go on and on, describing how they have an onsite artist at times who creates her art by using the earth (literally) as her paint. The resort displays her work throughout the property, and in my opinion her work is stunning.

The resort provides walking sticks, straw hats and bags in each room for your use during your stay. They provide complimentary mini bars, fully stocked and restocked each day (excluding alcohol ~ it is Utah). They offer a full library with amazing books and magazines for your pleasure. And one of my favorite amenities is they offer the use of one of their BMW’s for a complimentary 4 hour outing.

I’m not quite sure how any other resort will top this one but as a luxury lifestyle travel agent, it’s my job to try to find it! So know that I will be diligently looking for my next property inspection…all for your sake. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! 😉


  • The closest airport is in Page, Arizona approximately 20 minutes away.
  • You do not need to rent a car as the resort offers airport shuttle service to and from the hotel, along with the complimentary BMW car rental program for doing some sight-seeing.
  • Keep in mind, the price-point on this resort will not be for everyone, it’s quite exclusive, but if you are ever looking for a completely unique and incredible experience, this property is it.

For more information on Amangiri, feel free to contact me at

61 thoughts on “Amangiri: Peaceful Mountain

  1. Maybe I’ll drive by this summer….and that’s as close as I can come!
    But we all can dream! And this resort IS a dream come true. From the entry~ to the pool, to the vista views, to the private patios, the scenic hikes….wow! I wish I’d win the lottery! Thanks for the private tour! 😉

  2. Stunning !!! I could live there in a heart beat ! Not sure I could visit it as a hotel, because I would never leave *_*.
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful beautiful beautiful photography. Loved EVERY-SINGLE-PHOTO.

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  4. Wow! you must have thought you’d died and gone to heaven! 🙂 Now that is what I call a holiday!

    The sandstone desert scenery is very reminiscent of the Petra area of Jordan, a favourite area of mine. I don’t often get right across to the States though – the Arizona desert is on my list though and obviously places like Bryce and the Grand Canyons.

    It seems really weird tome as a Brit to look at consistently blue skies!

  5. Thanks for visiting my site. I’m glad you liked the photos of early spring in Kefalonia. Great to see you’ve visited and photo-documented Amangiri. Coincidentally, I am currently working on a number of Aman projects in different areas of the world with the landscape and exterior design firm I am employed by, although I have not yet been to this one. Great weblog you have, i’ll be sure to drop in and visit periodically.

  6. Wow! What a stunning place! You’ve captured its beauty perfectly! Now I’ve just got to convince hubby we need a holiday =)

  7. The resort is absolutely stunning, and your images fully do it justice. The stunning abstracts from your hikes could be blown up and hung on the walls at Amangiri.
    On a very very small scale — Connecticut being so much smaller than Utah! — it reminded me of an equally luxe but very small resort called Winvian, where you were greeted in the very same way.
    Would you say about what you do, It’s a tough job, but hell, somebody’s got to do it?
    Just wonderin’!

  8. One word – Wow or OMG, but that is three words. Thank you for sharing this is spectacular. I could get used to sitting around there for a while, or swimming in the pool, or hiking in and around the rocks. If I still hiked. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Amazing!

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  11. WOW! Not a question why this is your most popular. The location and the resort is so stunning. The resort is very chic. So stylish, it must be very freakishly pricey. 😀 Did you do any of the adventure tours? If not, seeing those waves on the rocks and the boulders must’d be enough.

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