Make This Leap Year Day Count: 5 Ideas To Leap You Into Your Day!

1. Women, tradition says it’s your prerogative to propose to a man today. Maybe this is the day to get that guy who’s been dragging his feet to commit….or maybe give that one some more thought, eh?



2. Pull a Ferris Bueller and play hooky from work ~ it’s not a real work day anyway, why should you be there?



3. Make it a do-over day. Choose a day from this past year that you didn’t like and do it over with better results this time. Think along the lines of the movie Groundhog Day.



4. Take the day literally and cross an item off of your bucket list ~ like skydiving and leap out of a plane!



5. And finally, if you are a Leapling (a Leap Year Baby) Happy Birthday and CELEBRATE LARGE! It only comes around once every four years, you deserve to go wild…and lucky you, that makes you 75% younger than the rest of us.

Make Your Leap Day Count!

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14 thoughts on “Make This Leap Year Day Count: 5 Ideas To Leap You Into Your Day!

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  5. Love that last one! I’m not a leap baby, but my husband and I did get married the day before leap day 8 years ago. I wanted to get married on the 29th, but for some reason, my hubs didn’t think that sounded like any fun 🙂

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