Lavendar Fields Forever…

Bardessono Resort, Yountville, CA


21 thoughts on “Lavendar Fields Forever…

  1. I think I can smell it from here… I love lavender, for its colour and its scent. I think its lavender that is used in a sachet and put near your pillow to aid sleep.

  2. They are so beautiful dear Susan, once upon a time there was lavender fields in my city too, but I haven’t seen them… There are much more buildings now instead of them. I loved your photographs, how much I love lavender… smelling too… Thank you, iwht my love, nia

  3. It is too bad there isn’t a camera that can catch the aroma of the scene as well. I’ll bet the smell of that lavender was heavenly for whoever shot the photo.

  4. Oh…I love lavender! I wish I had a bunch like that! I seem to kill it on a regular basis. I need to find a species that’s good for our area, I guess!

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