Show Me Some Trestle…

OK, I admit not as exciting as “Show me the Money”, but you have to admit there’s always something fascinating about railroad trestles. Maybe it’s the architectural element to the lines of it, or maybe it’s that old rusty factor, or just the thrill of knowing that a train could come speeding by at any moment. Either way, I’m always intrigued by railroad trestles. This is a small trestle located near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚

30 thoughts on “Show Me Some Trestle…

  1. ‘Live Track’? The physics that call for the specific design of bridges in general is pretty fascinating. The bridges over the Saint Clair river in Port Huron/Sarnia are a great example also. This bridge exposes a lot of skeleton! Time is gnarling it away… Nice pics!

  2. I agree they are magical, one reason the movie Stand By Me endures. Something about the track makes you think of a journey. Thanks for the pictures.

    • Yep! I know I played a ton on some tracks by my house when I was a kid and there was always that thrill and adrenaline factor of getting trapped on the tracks if train came ~ but as a kid that was scary and thrilling! And also the fantasy of hopping on-board and going to some new destination!

  3. I love trestles and covered bridges, too! Just last week I was watching, “You live in what?” and the first house was a covered bridge on a trestle—the couple turned it into THE coolest place to live ever! It’s fascinating to watch the various non-traditional places (libraries, churches, old factories, etc.) that people take the time, energy and funds to transform. It makes me want a non-traditional house now!

  4. Great photographs! Thank you for sharing.

    There is something almost ‘magical’ about bridges and trestles, isn’t there! When you couple that with the ‘romance’ of ‘riding the rails’, railroad trestles especially, have held me in awe. I do understand much of the physics involved, but the romantic in me tends to look past that.

    Several years ago, I took a series of pictures of an old railroad trestle over the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon… it used to service the lumber mills. I shall have to find those old prints and post them.

  5. Can you imagine how terrifying it would be for a trespasser, if they were to get caught mid span while a train was coming? First thought, on my part. I used to love to walk the tracks when I was growing up … of course there was always somewhere to jump aside, when the and if, the train arrived. Aside from that thought, it is a magnificent example of engineering, for sure.

  6. Rails are in my blood, generations…and these pictures conjure up deep emotions of my time served riding the rails. The harmonic E-G-A-C notes of the whistle are forever etched in my soul. Thank you for that memory…

  7. Oooh! You’ve inspired me! There is a trestle that I’ve been scoping out for some time. It’s off the side of the road and down a bit of a hill, but I’ve just GOT to shoot it.

    Great photos.

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