Hydrangea Battlefield

What happens when my 9 year old nephew spends the night…

My dining room is turned into a battlefield. My decorative hydrangeas in a wrought iron pot are turned into a hiding field for snipers and army men…

My dining room chair is a landing pad for a military helicopter….

Myย dining table is turned into PT boats arriving at Omaha Beach…


48 thoughts on “Hydrangea Battlefield

  1. Kids and their war toys. It seems to be an American tradition. We used to shoot the little plastic soldiers with BB guns set up on tree limbs outside.

  2. This is great! Kids make everything more interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ What’s cooler than something as pretty as a hydrangea being turned into the deadly hiding spot of a sniper?

  3. FUN!! Reminds me of playing army men with my son (he’s now 32). We used to play by the fireplace that had a faux rock front and I’d position the army men in creative locations–he loved it. Those are also some very cool toys!

  4. Love the hydrangea shots – very redolent of some of those ‘toys in public places’ street photography shots. It may have been as a result of your nephew’s playtime, but he’s obviously an artist in making!

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