Retro Vegas

In continuation of my recent post on the Neon Boneyard during my trip to Las Vegas, here are some more retro neon signs that are displayed throughout Las Vegas, mostly located around the Fremont Street area. I’ve muted the background and increased the hues for a fun effect and pop ~ I almost wanted them to look like they were illuminated but didn’t want to take it too far. Hope you enjoy!

And of course, still my favorite…The Silver Slipper (where do you think I can buy a pair of those?). πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Retro Vegas

  1. Great series, love how you popped the colors. Motel Nevada has that old hand-tinted look, and the signs look very cool backdropped against the sky. Thank you for linking to your Neon Boneyard post, too, and for including the whole series, there. Really enjoyed looking through all of those photos.
    ~ Lily

  2. These photos did turn out nicely. Have people purchased the signs, then renamed (or opened) their establishments to fit the zombie profiles of the refurbished signs?

    • Thank you ~ the Neon Boneyard is a non-profit organization that is slowly restoring these signs. Right now, the majority sit in a lot waiting for the funds to restore them. I do not believe they sell any of them, I believe it is their intention to restore and then display them as a historical site on either the blvd or in a museum that is now being constructed. I love that they are doing this and preserving a bit of the past.

  3. These photos are so much fun! Thanks for sharing them… and the slipper is my favorite too! yay, big light up shoes πŸ™‚

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