Leisurely Drive Home…

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice holiday. After visiting some family, we took the long way home and made some pit stops along the way…taking time to stop and smell the roses (well, lavender)…

…a quick visit with some moo-clear cows….these guys are located right at the gate entrance to the Lawrence Livermore National (Nuclear) Lab. I had to walk through a little brush to get to them with my camera in hand, which quickly garnered me a visit by the security guard. I explained I was just taking some pictures of the cows but he was more than happy to see me leave.

And our final stop was Mission San Jose. I wasn’t really happy with the way these came out, too over-exposed so I played around with the processing, but I do love my Missions so I decided to post anyway.

We now resume our regular work week ~ have a good one! πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “Leisurely Drive Home…

      • I bet the security guard loved that! Too bad they got so uptight by you taking photos of cows. I mean seriously, what does he think your going to do: garner secrets from the cows? Next time you can tell him you are on public land and are allowed to take pictures of anything you want. That will shut them up.

  1. Actually I like the overexposed shots … I don’t know what they looked like to begin with, but you certainly made them worthy of posting. Love the window reflections too!

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