The Power of Good Design

It seems as though I’ve been in or around the world of Interior Design and Architecture for most of my life. I was influenced as a child by my mother who was an Interior Designer and I have subsequently worked, in one way or another, in the Architecture/Interior Design field, including owning my own Home Staging business. So you can understand that I have a deep appreciation for the love of architecture and design.

It was the combination of my love for design, travel and photography that started me on this blog adventure which has proven to be such a creative, fun and satisfying outlet for me. In reviewing some of my recent photos, it dawned on me that I had truly experienced a serendipitous moment when my love for all of the above collided during my stay at the Amangiri Resort in Utah.

I thought that through these images I could share my passion for architecture with you using this resort that I feel has been so well designed by architects Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette, AIA, and Rick Joy, AIA of I-10 Studio (design story here). Since I have done a previous post on my experience at the resort itself (here), I am going to try not to duplicate the photos and keep these to my favorite simple design images.

There are many reasons why I enjoyed my visit to Amangiri as it is a very well-managed resort with incredible service and attention to detail, however, one of the main reasons I enjoyed it so much was because of the way this property was designed. The architects at hand truly designed this property so each guest can connect and enjoy the full experience of the surrounding landscape. The merger of the indoor/outdoor living experience is so well executed that it almost feels as though you are camping…in the most luxurious sense possible.

Some of my favorite key design elements are:

1) The incorporation of the existing environment and landscape into the design.

The buildings here have been designed to blend into the landscape for an almost seamless transition.

The pool wraps around a huge boulder making you feel at one with the landscape as you swim.

2) The use of pattern, textures and natural elements.

The design above incorporates concrete, wood and a creative water feature wall that allows algae to grow which then organically creates an amazing design.

Basket weave patterned wood slats create airy barriers for privacy.

Water features throughout the property create visual interest and a soothing sound. 

3) The design of angles and lines that draw your eye to a specific point.

Throughout the resort there are enticing visual angles and lines to the buildings that draw your eye towards the incredible landscape.

4) Utilizing materials that compliment the environment.

Here steel, concrete and wood are materials that compliment and work nicely with the surrounding landscape.

Wrought iron beehive and cooper light fixtures add interesting design adornments.

Overall, I found this to be one of the best designed resorts that I have personally experienced which makes for a very pleasurable time. Never under-estimate the power of good design!

For more pictures of the interior and surrounding landscape of this resort, refer to my previous post (here).

27 thoughts on “The Power of Good Design

  1. Your photographs do an amazing job of promotion for this resort – they should hire you. The best one for me was the water feature wall with the algae – the colours and textures are gorgeous.

  2. Amazing images. I don’t know much about architecture, or design, but I love their concept of having the resort blend in and complement the beautiful landscape, instead of competing with it.

  3. Very interesting and beautiful, but I’d like to see it when it has had time to weather down and gain softer edges a little. Will it blend in more or will it look tatty? I find that v interesting 😉

  4. It is amazing how this resort had managed to seamlessly merge with the surrounding landscape. I could “camp” like this for the rest of my life:)

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