I realize that so many of you are way more experienced photographers than I am, but I came across this post today that is so perfect for me. It’s a reference guide on setting your exposure, aperture, shutter and ISO. In essence, it’s a “photography for dummies” reference guide which is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! So just in case there are others out there who could use this reference too, I thought I’d share it with you. Happy shooting!

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look what I carry around in my camera bag.

For more awesome amateurish’ness, check out these links: (credit to the authors and webmasters)

www.onlyinsouthafrica.com/category/workflows/  <—- my neighbour, photography mentor and all round decent guy’s website





After being quite stunned by the feedback I received from all of you, I did a little “trolling” and found a couple more cheat sheets. Some of these are wallet sized which makes them even better. I have printed them, laminated and attached to a ring so they are easily accessible.

(Again, all credit to the creators/writers of the material)


Beginners Photographic cheat cards

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  1. I like this! I’m actually thinking of breaking our our manual SLR and throwing some film in it now that I’ve gotten a better handle on things. I know all this stuff, but what a great cheat sheet to give to a “just getting started” photographer!

  2. Great post – this is really neat – a great little “job” aide that can help us keep all these numbers straight! Need to get the lamination machine out! Thanks!

  3. Thanks! After ten years with digital and “auto” or semi-manual as in selecting close-up or scene, etc I think I’ve forgotten this. Rather than blow a good shot, I end up dialing in the semi-manual modes. Good to have in my bag!!

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