Lessons Learned

I spent a wonderful day on Saturday at Filoli Gardens. Filoli is a gorgeous mansion with immaculate grounds and I had been looking forward to going there for a long time…so this is not the location that I would have liked to have learned a hard lesson!

I thought I had fully prepared myself bringing all the equipment and accessories I thought I would need….but sure enough, just as I’m getting to some of the really beautiful areas of Filoli, don’t you know that my memory card ran out. Now, I fully expected that and I brought an extra one, what I didn’t expect was that it would be broken and not work. I don’t know how rare that is but it was certainly frustrating. Best laid plans, eh? You can bet I will always have several on hand and make sure they are in operating order from now on. Full post on Filoli coming soon.

**Enjoy a marvelous Sunday!**

25 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Susan..Happens all the time…however I see it as a blessing in that when the camera is not the eye…then you just look and experience. and can relax without thinking about photos…just a thought..

  2. It’s a good lesson. That almost happened to me when I went on a cruise to Alaska. I was sure I had brought numerous memory cards and about an hour before getting on the ship I realized I only had one with me. I was fortunate that there was a Costco store within a couple of miles so we rushed over there and I was able to get more cards. Whew. Now I’m sure I have plenty wherever I go.

  3. Hmmm…after every shoot and transfer, I clear my memory card. It’s 8 gig, so I can shoot both video and stills. If I know I’ll be out long, a take another with me…4 gig.

    After you’ve transferred, clear that card. Then take the best of what you’ved transferred and burn it to CD/DVD…or store it in an external hard drive.

    Or…perhaps you need to invest in a 16 gig card?

  4. Those cards stink. I had on just fall apart when I removed it from the camera. All they are is a tiny chip inside, very over-priced I say. Usually have 2 with me while on trips…

  5. Oh, SO disappointing I’m sure…I’d love to “travel light” sometimes, but usually I have quite a few cards on hand and an extra battery…we’ve all had our moments! I’ve actually fired off a lot
    of shots, only to find that the card wasn’t in the camera! Duh!

  6. Hmmm broken memory card? That sounds like a great excuse to visit the gardens again, to me. It is a bummer to come prepared, then be blindsided though. The photograph you did post is beautiful, if it’s any consulation to you. And I’m sure, we’ve all found ourselves in similar cirmunstances. What can you do, but go back on another Sunshiny day, and try again? πŸ˜‰

  7. So many can relate! As to the “two worse words – low batter” reply…sometimes bad things happen to good photographs! A low battery can result in some interesting photos as I show in my latest post – Photographs as Watercolors. But…a full card? No serendipity there! So sorry.

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