Drops of Wisteria

Delicate beauty so full of grace,

with your twisted vine adorned in sweet bells of periwinkle,

your elegance and charm lure me in,

and I am lost in your exquisiteness.

20 thoughts on “Drops of Wisteria

  1. Wisteria is so beautiful. It is really too bad it is a parasite vine. But on a fence or other non-living structure, it’s hard to beat its wonderful presence. Your photo reveals a particulary nice shot.

  2. That is a wonderful photo of wisteria. I would gladly build a very heavy duty arbor and let any wisteria move in. We did that once, the wisteria died. Probably black thumb disease…;)

  3. I love wisteria…..it is so luscious, soft, and purply, and and the vines are an entire story in themselves. Your photo is glorious.
    We had one that grew to the top of the house and never had a bloom. Gorgeous vine, got under the siding (ick), lush leaves, no blooms! We figured it must not have had enough sun. ;(
    I’d love to try it again…away from the house! lol

  4. This is the most delicate representation of an old wisteria vine I have ever seen. They are my favorite vines. It takes many years for one to look like this one. The poem speaks of the image perfectly.

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