I Am My Mother’s Legacy

May 9, 2012

Today is the one year anniversary of my mother’s ascent to Heaven. There is a part of me that feels like I should be so sad, and of course part of me is, but my mother filled my life with such love, laughter and joy that she will always be alive inside of me and what I am really feeling today is gratitude.

I am so grateful to have been shaped and guided in life by this beautiful, loving spirit that I call Mom. My mother was a dichotomy of herself in that she was an exceptionally strong woman who could accomplish anything she set her mind to, and yet at the same time, she was a soft, kind, tender and loving woman who truly cared about everyone around her.

My mother’s greatest legacy is not how successful she was in her career, not how she cared and loved for her family, not her zest for life, love of dancing, silly jokes or unbridled spirit; I am my mother’s legacy…my sister is my mother’s legacy…and all of those whose life she deeply touched and affected are my mother’s greatest legacy.

My mother gave anyone who knew her the gift of love, strength, compassion and courage. This was not an intentional act forced upon us, it was something she taught us by example in the way she lived her life each and every day. It is now our honor to carry on her legacy by living our lives to the fullest and to the best of our ability. I take great pride in celebrating her legacy in living my life by her standards and in what she taught me.

To steal Dan Fogelberg’s Lyrics (and filling in appropriate gender) ~

“…her blood runs through my instrument and her song is in my soul…my life has been a poor attempt to imitate the woman…I’m just a living legacy to the leader of the band.”

So Mama, I hope you’re up there in Heaven dancing with Daddy and, as always, being the life of the party! I’m sure Dad’s playing your song for you….

(She loved Tom Jones!)

♥ With all my love ♥ ~ Susan

64 thoughts on “I Am My Mother’s Legacy

  1. I will always remember your mother’s gracious hospitality to “the new family” across the street, how she welcomed us to the neighborhood and invited us to swim in your pool! (believe me, an exotic opportunity for us Midwest girls!) She was so lovely, and this is a lovely memoir.

  2. Every daughter should be so blessed to have been so well loved. And with Mother’s Day right around the corner, you inspire to let Mom know how much she is cherished and appreciated. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Condolence for the physical loss of your mother (and your Dad).

    What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Susan. I felt the same way about my own mother, so evidently we were both blessed. When my mother died, I was at her deathbed as she peacefully faded into the next world. I knew it was not the end. I am sure your mother will always be with you in spirit, in your heart, which is obvious by this tribute. She is probably peering down, smiling, knowing she is still very much loved and that her spirit lives on.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to your mother filled with memories, pictures, and lot’s of love! Love the picture of her dancing with your dad 🙂

  5. The one year anniversary of my Grandma’s passing is next week and unfortunately I am finding it very very overwhelming. My mom and I have plans of what we are going to do on that day to “celebrate” her. Recently people have been repeating to me to “celebrate it how she would want me to”. And reading your blog today helped me one more step along that way. Thank you.

  6. I always sensed that you were blessed with a special gift. Each and every one of your blog posts is touched with a special grace….now I know that it is your Mother’s loving touch. Thank you for sharing this inspirational tribute.


  7. Ah, Susan, I see where you get your beauty. Your mother was an extraordinary beauty herself. And, judging from your description, she was just as lovely inside. You are a fortunate girl. You can speak about her the way you do because you had an unusual relationship with her. She was a fortunate mother too. This makes me feel good. 🙂

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