A Day In The Garden of Eden

I’ve mentioned before that my sister and I are in the beginning stages of working on a garden book. We have some incredible homes lined up, so I hope I can hold up my end and capture them to the best of my ability.

Yesterday, we went to scout our first home. My sister, Vicki Petulla of The Creeping Fig, was actually hired to plant the urns in the yard for an outdoor party so I decided to photograph the areas where she planted the urns but I cannot wait to go back to do a real shoot there as it is an amazing property.

I’ll be posting teasers as we work on our project. Here is an example of what you might see in the book. Enjoy!

I’d like to wish a ♥Happy Mother’s Day♥ to all of you lovely ladies who give so much of yourself to your families. I hope there is a Garden of Eden waiting for you somewhere in your day!

17 thoughts on “A Day In The Garden of Eden

  1. Looks like a fun shoot…a suggestion ..shoot early morning or evening to balance the lighting ..my guess these were done 1 pm ish …still ..composition is strong!

    • I sincerely appreciate your feedback Chris. I absolutely agree with what you are saying, I really went to help my sister and test the shots and I knew I was not there at the right time. I will definitely make it at the appropriate time when I do the real shoot. Again, thanks for the constructive feedback, I certainly welcome it.

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