Furry Trees

I have to admit the moment I saw this setting I thought of Sarah Takes Pictures. I couldn’t begin to do justice to the woods like she does, but let’s just say this is in her honor.

Maybe I don’t get to the woods enough but I really thought these trees were strange, in a beautiful way, with this “fur” on them. I suppose this happens from not being exposed to the sun?

This is a very densely shaded area and I have to admit a bit eerie as these trees seem to take on a life of their own.

This is a little different for me, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Have a great Saturday!

28 thoughts on “Furry Trees

  1. I love them. As a northern mountain girl…reminds me of walking the woods w/my dad looking for a protected flower we used to call ‘nosebleed’. I can feel a dampness probably not even part of that photo’s locale, and hear the layers of decaying leaves under my feet. Oh…you are always reminding me of home! TY

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  3. I love that the sign has bullet holes in it. Is there a no trespassing sign that has not been shot at?
    PS: come to PDX for a spectacular mossy-tree-o-rama!

      • Having lived here for four years as a NCal transplant, I have to say it isn’t easy. It’s beautiful, not doubt. It probably helped that I’m originally from Seattle. This town definitely grows on you though. Like moss! 🙂

  4. Beautiful moss photos. I am a deep woods, big trees kind of person. With this very wet spring our trees have all donned a soft, lush, “furry” coat to them. Took photos of some in my yard this morning as the sun broke through the clouds and back lit them. 😉

  5. You weren’t kidding about the eeriness. I love these shots, particularly the second — all those little tendrils remind me of little arms reaching out. There’s a softness to them, but it’s kind of unsettling too. And I am very curious about just what is going on here…some kind of moss? I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

    And as someone else pointed out, yes, gotta love the ubiquitous all-shot-up “No Tresspassing” sign.

    I’m thrilled to be thought of as a forest-picture-taking person, by the way — very flattering. 🙂 That said, I love your perspective of this setting!

    • Thank you. In a way, I’m glad to hear it unique to you too. I thought you might be able to rattle off what type of tree it is. I’ve never seen anything like these. It must have something to do with the denseness and lack of light and maybe all the fog and moisture they get in that area.

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