Where’s Your Happy Place?

Today my happy place is going to be working out in the sunshine in my yard. I think I must have been inspired by my visit to a nursery earlier this week, the fact that it is June 1st and it’s a beautiful day.

I’m going to head out to my local nursery to pick up some lavender and colorful flowers and start planting (that’s the not-so-fun part).

In my suburban neighborhood I won’t be needing this tractor but I always find them intriguing and would like to drive one.

Maybe when I’m done, my view will look like this…(but I’m not counting on it – I don’t have that much energy ;)).

Here’s to hoping you find your happy place on this fabulous Friday ~ Cheers!



15 thoughts on “Where’s Your Happy Place?

  1. Beautiful…and I LOVE that tractor! I have an old photo, B&W, of just such a tractor with my uncle sitting upon it, taken in the early 40’s. I always find something reminiscent in your photographs…it’s like going home! Thanks…this may be my happy place!

  2. What beautiful colors. One of the things I miss about having a home base is being able to have a little garden. Now I’ll just have to enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor until I settle down again in one place!

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