The Ship And The Sea

That if I would,
I would stand immortally at sea
Hoping for eternity at sea

~Annie Cordelia Adams~

During my visit to Moss Landing last week, I came across these land-locked boats ~ forever on display, never to set sail again. At first glance, they look dilapidated, old and useless ~ maybe just enough life left in them to spur the imagination of a child in wondering what it might be like to be the captain of a ship.

However, I happen to have a quirky characteristic (one of many actually) where I believe that everything has an energy to it, whether it be a living being or something man-made like a house or a boat that loving hands have handcrafted.

So I look at these boats and I see the beauty in them. I see fisherman boarding with their equipment for the inaugural sailing, the boat in its flawless condition ready to tackle the sea. How many faces have peered out those port holes? How many fish have been caught and what tales have been told about the ones that got away?

The rust and chipped paint are not to be turned away from and ignored, these characteristics are the wrinkles that have been earned over time by a life well lived.

So for the time being, these boats live out the rest of their years in this lot hoping to capture your attention for one last loving glance.

As I was getting ready to leave, I spotted one last boat through a fence in a back lot. This boat apparently didn’t even meet the standard to be displayed with the others. I could only relate this to the fact that maybe this boat was the grandfather of all boats here ~ older, weaker and preparing to depart gracefully and to hopefully remain in spirit immortally at sea.

As I write this, I compare myself to these boats and hope that when it’s my time to go that I am as weathered as these boats from living my life to the fullest extent possible.

PS – if you ever find yourself in this area, grab a meal at The Haute Enchilada, the best darn Mexican restaurant in the area! Also, please pardon the quality of these images, they came out with a lot of noise (due to operator error :)). I tried to clean them up but the quality was compromised….another learning lesson!

39 thoughts on “The Ship And The Sea

  1. Photo quality is great all the way around, wonderful! Having grown up on lake and being in the Great Lakes region, these photos are all the more captivating for me. Nice!

  2. Such interesting subjects! I love these photos . . .they do invoke a sense of aged wisdom and hard-earned wrinkles and chipped paint. You cannot help but think of their past lives in the sea and their current land-locked seats, looking toward the sea and yearning for the adventure of their younger days.

  3. The photos are wonderful. Great choice on capture points. 😀 More noise on these old boats would be an asset as it tends to make the photos look older and would add to the feel of age. Old photos always have lots of noise due to the primitive equipment.

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