Spiraling Out Of Control…

…In a good way! I’ve been so busy lately doing so many different things, my head is spinning so I thought this might be an appropriate post. Hope your Friday has you twirling with fun into the weekend. Enjoy!

25 thoughts on “Spiraling Out Of Control…

  1. I am feeling the exact same way and think it may be time for a break. We are off on vacation tomorrow and I was originally going to bring my main computer but am thinking of taking a blog vacation. I have too many posts in the queue to read and write but I am starting to stress out and feel my life spiraling out of control by too much stress! Thanks for this timely post for reminding me!

  2. I love your perspective…equally as much as your photos. The spirals, sometimes make me feel like I’m in a kaleidoscopic maze. Even your spirals are calming. Thanks for a much needed slow down of the tilt o whirl.

  3. Love your photos. It’s a perfect metaphor for my last three weeks. However, your spirals all seem calm and at rest while my spirals keep me in constant motion. πŸ˜‰

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