Love from Kona…

I can’t believe tomorrow is my last full day in paradise! 😦 This has been an incredible vacation. The Four Seasons Hualalai has been such an amazing resort we have barely left it. We’re thinking we’ll do an island tour tomorrow but we’ll see if it really happens.

Until I’m back to my regular posts…sending love from Kona!

People use these contrasting black and white lava rocks to create “graffiti” by the side of the roads. I’m sending you some of the “love” graffiti. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Love from Kona…

  1. I’m sure you’ll be bringing back lots of amazing photos and colorful stories 🙂
    Can’t wait! In the meantime, enjoy your vacation 🙂

      • Somehow I thought you had figured out that angle. Surely a high end travel magazine would love your stuff. So I understand you are a home travel agent? How did you manage to get on the IATA list, or are you a contractor for someone?

        • I have a host agency, Nexion, LLC. They have about 2000 agents under their “umbrella”. They are a very professional organization and provide all kinds of training and support to agents. It’s great. I only do the travel part time and I have a job two days a week at a commercial interior design firm. It’s a nice balance because the travel industry doesn’t make much money unless you really work hard at it. But there are some perks still left. 🙂

  2. I loved Kona and Hawaii in general… It truly is a paradise! I will be back there in April 2013 and I can’t wait!

  3. Love! That is such a cool thing to do. I can only imagine how spectacular everything in Kona is. Hope your last day was the best!!

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