When in Hawaii…

…get yourself in an outrigger as fast as you can. 🙂

I couldn’t wait to do it. Here’s our guide, Kane, getting our outrigger ready to go. All I was missing was the flower lei on my head and a sea shell calling horn.

We took off and paddled our way to a black beach.

Kane was explaining the wild life and starting talking about sea urchins. He proceeded to wander out and take a few sea urchins off the rocks and was explaining how some of these are a delicacy.

He then offered for us to try it. I kindly declined…but my husband…um, well…

Here is Kane’s face after the hubby downed this delicacy.

And then he muttered “I didn’t think he’d do it”….Rut Roh! Have I mentioned before that my husband has an extremely sensitive stomach?!

We then got back in the outrigger and paddled out to sea again so we could do some snorkeling.

We buoyed up to a spot that Kane called the “cleaning station” and proceeded to explain that the sea turtles come to this spot to let the fish nibble on them and clean the algae off their backs…isn’t nature a wonderful process?

The sea turtles were everywhere.

We then paddled back to shore. Experiences like this are a little bit of heaven to me ~ it was an incredible adventure.

29 thoughts on “When in Hawaii…

  1. What an amazing experience! You are so lucky to witness Hawaii’s natural beauty! Love that photo of the outrigger, so vibrant against the black sand. And those turtles! I just wanna touch them!

  2. Wonderful photos. When I lived in Hawaii I raced outrigger canoes for one season. It was so much fun. It looks like opihi that your husband was eating. A big delicacy in Hawaii. Very expensive to buy because its so dangerous to get them. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Love the photos. I’m so glad you got to see the sea turtles.

  3. It sure looks incredible! Love the contrast between the yellow outrigger and the black beach. And the shots of the sea turtles are wonderful. 🙂

  4. You know, the photos of the boat are very much Susanesque (I.e., fabulous) but then I came to the turtles and find them absolutely spectacular. Would you be okay with one of them being the background on this animal-lover’s Pc?

    • I like that..Susanesque! 🙂 And yes, of course you can use whatever you want. The sea turtles were great. And by the way….we did try to sign up for a night time snorkel with the mantarays but it’s such a popular trip that several different companies were booked through the week. I REALLY wanted to do it and post a picture for you! Next time.

      • Let me just say now that when you first spoke of your trip, I went to, essentially, a Kona visitors bureau website – it was there that mention was made of swimming with rays. Sea turtles are a marvelous fill-in, by the way. Anyway – yes, next time!

  5. Wow, I agree those photos of the black sand and yellow canoes are stellar!!!! Way to experience the local cuisine, Tommy Boy!!! We have to do the manta ray night dive next time…have you talked Vicki into sneaking you back in her luggage in October?? haha! Xoxo

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