Capture the Colour…

Nicole from TheThirdEyeWorld nominated me (and in essence presented me with the challenge) to participate in a contest called “Capture the Color”, sponsored by TravelSupermarket – click (here) to see rules for the competition. I really admire Nicole and her conviction to do what she can to make change in the world. Her actions are very admirable and refreshing and she has some wonderful travel posts and photographs so be sure to check out her blog (her link is attached to the blog name above).

The rules are fairly easy, publish a post with a photo that captures the following 5 colors – Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red. Then you are to nominate five fellow bloggers to enter a post following the criteria of the contest. Lastly, you enter your post at “Capture the Color and there actually is a prize for the winner in each color category. I have no illusions of winning, and I don’t usually follow-through with these nominations but I found this challenge fun and decided to do it.

So here are my nominations due solely on the fact that they seemed like some of the more colorful sites I remembered.

1. The Urge To Wander

2. Frank King Photos

3. Through My Lens 365

4. Photography of Nia

5. Tracie Louise Photography

Okay, so after all that here are my photo entries. As I mentioned, I have no illusions of winning, just playing the game so I tried not to take the color definition too literal.


As most of you know, this is an image from my most recent trip to Kona, HI. I took this shot at dusk shortly after a stunning sunset. It was taken on the first night of our trip and I love the way the blue adds to the mood of the photograph.


I decided to choose my green shot from my Half Moon Bay series where I went into the woods and found these furry trees. This image is of the bark and I just found them fascinating and eerie at the same time.


This was a shot I took in downtown Carmel, CA. It was a really unusual image as this looks like something you would see more in Europe. I thought it was quirky and loved it.


I love the monochromatic look of this image with the white lighthouse. This was taken on a very foggy morning in Santa Cruz, CA.


I could have chosen to go with something that was a more literal translation of red but I love the way the red jumps off the background, and of course, I love the heart and message. This was taken in Santa Cruz as well, on the same day as above.

So there you have it. Take a look at the site and submit your own photos and share the post with us!

12 thoughts on “Capture the Colour…

  1. Congratulations dear Suzan. This is so nice and great fun. I loved your photographs, especially the Green fascinated me. Thank you dear, and also Thanks for the nomination. Seems it will be fun. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

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