WordPress Weirdness or Is It Just Me?

I’m just curious if anyone else is having any issues with WordPress or if it’s just me. I did mess around with my account when I added my new travel site SKEdaddle and that might be the reason for a few issues but I don’t think it covers some of the other issues I’m having.

For instance, I don’t know why all of a sudden my “About” is showing up on any new posts on both of my accounts. That could be a user (SKE) error but I’ve tried finding it in the formatting and I can’t seem to locate where to correct it.

Another thing that has happened is that there are several of you out there that I had been following and I am now noticing that I’m not following people that I know I had been following. I also have noticed that people have added me again when I know they were following me. Any else notice this?

Then there has been some weirdness with trying to manage two blogs. For those of you who manage more than one blog, do you have them under one profile or did you set them up completely separately of each other? I originally set mine up under one profile and then realized I couldn’t do some things I wanted so I then created another profile. I added an additional “user” to each account so I could co-manage each account but found that was creating some issues as well. Some of you may have noticed that my responses on SKEdaddle are from SKEdazzles, etc.

Okay, thanks for listening…if anyone is experiencing any of the above issues and/or have information you can share, I’d appreciate it. Oh, and feel free to grab a cup of coffee and read and enjoy the “about” section that follows! 🙂

42 thoughts on “WordPress Weirdness or Is It Just Me?

  1. I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. I have two wordpress.com sites that I manage under the same profile. I also have a wordpress.org site that I manage under a completely different profile. I have not seen any conflicts of problems with them. I’m still following you and have not seen any disruption.

  2. I have been having issues ever since I upgraded my sight to have more memory. Almost every time I am writing a post the page crashes and with it my work. Even though I have saved it, doesn’t matter, the info and time gone with the wind into that little place I like to call cyberspace. There must be a lot of junk out there for as many times as my computer has crashed or the page rather, my computer is fine. So to answer your question yes it happens. I too have two sites, I was only given the option a few times to use or change users. Bugs me. WordPress is a blessing and a curse. We have such a love hate relationship. Argh. The frustration. I know tend to do all of my writing in Word, then copy and past the info into my blog page. There are issues with that two, but at least I don’t have to rewrite, unless the page crashes but at least if it does, my document is in word. I hope WP gets their crap figured out. It is growing very old.

  3. But suddenly I am awaiting moderation in blogs I’ve commented on before. That’s probably because I changed my screen name to reflect my real-life name, not my blog pseudonym.

  4. I’ve been having a lot of issues. For over a month, the reader wouldn’t work, several blogs that I was following “disappeared” as have comments that I have made. I am pretty sure that I have vanished from several (if not many) of the people who were following me. I had just posted today that I was leaving WP and going to be on my website’s blog. I couldn’t even access the help or forums here.

  5. I’ve been having problems with photos. Once I upload them to a draft of a post, I can’t move them or delete them. If I want to make changes, I have to delete the post and start over. I think that this started a few days ago.

    • With photo placement, in general, I’ve been able to block-and-cut the html to move art without dragging the same from place to place up the wysiwyg composing tile. ALSO, I was able to copy the html from a post on a secondary WP blog over to my primary WP blog, verbatim, and that “pulled” or imported the art from the original post, indicating to me that what may appear to authors as two or more separate blogs must actually share some common logical space. On topic: I would double-check page posting variables involving persistence for any page involved.

  6. I’m not experiencing any issues, except a lack of inspiration. While not a recent thing, I have a follower who appeared as a new follower three times over the course of a month or so, and I don’t think it was because she was triply-excited about my little blog. Here’s hoping your kinks get worked out!

  7. My new blog (under the same user) has stopped showing up in the reader. You do show up there. I lose drafts of posts too and inexplicably. I wonder if WP just has too many users?

  8. Like one of your other commenters, several bloggers I follow don’t show up in my reader anymore (including George’s) and I was feeling certain that my posts weren’t showing up in my followers readers. I was attributing it to being paranoid until I read your posts and comments! I think WordPress overall is an amazing operation, but I do think they can’t keep up with the demands of their membership. I hope your kinks get worked out….and no, I never tire of reading your “about” page! 🙂

    • I have been really happy with WordPress in general. I think most of my errors are my own user errors. I’m actually going to close my travel website down that no one sees or uses because now my two blogs are way more interactive. And, I am sorry to disappoint you, but I did figure out how to get rid of the “about” blurb! 😉

  9. I have two blogs under the same profile, and I haven’t experienced any problems. When I comment it is under my user name and not my blog name, but I must admit that I don’t know which blog it leads to if people click on my name. I usually go to the blogs I follow via email notifications instead of via reader (yes, I know I get thousands of emails, but it works for me).

    • Good to know, thanks. I think because my one blog is more business oriented, I do have specific requirements I’m looking for. I think the bottom line is I just need to learn how to use all that WordPress offers and use it efficiently.

  10. I somehow lost all notification of blogs I was following and my first though was that a blogger could block me (don’t know why anyone would want to) I happened to open the “reader” and opened “Bloggers I follow” and found all my notifications had been change to “never” so I was receiving no notices, sat and went through that changing back to how I wanted to receive notices either Instant, daily or weekly and all was well again, I was back to a full email inbox every time I went on line, which is what I expected… otherwise all else I have no problems with…

  11. Now, I’m going to have to check and see! I hope all your issues are resolved soon! I can’t keep up with two blogs. I tried and failed. I am too ADD. 🙂

  12. I’m so glad you posted this. Yes!! Some of the blogs I was following have suddenly disappeared. If it happens to others, I’m sure it’s happening to me, to and I’ll need to check on people I haven’t heard from in a while.
    My most frustrating gripe is sometimes after hitting “Post comment” WordPress will pop us a screen that says: You do not own that identity.
    I do own it. It even says so below the comment box I’m typing in, but I can’t make a comment. This happened after I started another blog. But it seems strange because it’s a totally separate account and I always sigh out so nothing’s left hanging open.
    Thanks for bringing this up.
    Now…if we only had answers.

  13. Well that was interesting reading. I have 2 blogs both under same pommepal name but different blog addresses. I haven’t noticed any problems lately. A while back when I was in the learning stages and had hiccups in the process I went to forums and asked for help and each time some very knowledgable person came up with an answer within a very short time. Notifications for both sites all come together but I don’t find that a problem. Because I am travelling and cannot always access my email I put blogs I follow onto RSS feed then can look at them in my own time with out filling my email inbox. Have not noticed any of them disapearing.

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