Sneak Peek

My sister and I did a photo shoot for our garden book this weekend. Just one little shot as a teaser of things to come in the book! πŸ™‚

An entry way should be warm and inviting and convey a prelude of what’s to come when you step inside. This homeowner has perfectly combined the use of stone, wood and wrought iron to create an interesting palate that captures your interest and leaves you wanting to see more. The addition of the fabric drape softens the hard scape materials and creates and indoor/outdoor feel.

In this circumstance, the homeowner uses the French Doors as the main entryway. By flanking the French Doors with the large symmetrical placements of the urns and lanterns, it invites the guest directly into the home.

19 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. This is lovely, sure enough. Remind me when the book publishes. I’m senile, you know. I always wanted outdoor drapes. It is possible now that no-mildew fabrics are available. Outdoor canvas prints and all sorts of stuff is on the market. I like that. I have two prints hanging in my pergola. I look forward to the book!

  2. You’ll tell us when to start looking for your book? Closer to your publication date, I’ll be happy to talk it up at libraries and bookshops in my part of the world.

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