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“Glacier connects us to the very core of our nature. It’s a place where stunning summits overlook a million acres of wilderness; where the most rugged rock formations rub against meadows of beargrass blossoms; where grizzly bear, and elk, and bighorn sheep roam free.” Al Gore

I would by no means consider myself an outdoor enthusiast in the sense that I would strap on a backpack, hike for miles to arrive at a destination so that I could set up a tent and sleep on the ground...with no restroom in sight! 🙂 Although, having said that, I am a huge enthusiast for the exquisite beauty and grandeur of all that nature has to offer. I have to admit that the thought of sleeping under the moonlight and twinkling stars, the fresh air and streams, and the quiet whispers of the wilderness are almost appealing enough to make me take on the challenge. How many…

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About Susan Edel

I am a native Californian with a passion for luxury travel and photography. After living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the majority of my life, I have recently relocated to the beautiful Central California Wine Region of Paso Robles. I am enjoying exploring the central coast and all the benefits that living in this beautiful region offers. As a Luxury Lifestyle Travel Agent and owner of Saratoga Travel, it is my pleasure to explore all that is out there and to continue seeking the next best luxury resort. As the Founder and Editor of No Ordinary Resort, my digital magazine reviewing the finest resorts in the U.S. and beyond, it's my intention to share my experiences at these distinctive resorts with you through my posted reviews and photography. I hope you enjoy it. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter T), and Instagram

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