How Sweet It Is!!

Well after a couple attempts (and rejections), I have finally been accepted into! I’m excited to get some photos uploaded, build my portfolio and see what happens. If anyone out there is a contributor to iStock and has any advice for me, I’d appreciate hearing it. Also, I’m wondering if it’s worth being exclusive for the higher percentage? Any opinions?

I sent in 6 photos that were rejected and these are the ones that ended up being approved and getting me in. ๐Ÿ™‚

How sweet it is!


23 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is!!

  1. Awesome! I have heard of iStoxk but have never submitted anything and am not sure how it works. These photos are wonderful! Keep us posted on how it all sorts out! I love the idea of it and I think how cool it would be if I could get a few photos of mine on and donate the commissions to a charity of
    My choice! Keep us posted and great job!

    • Give it a try – go to istockphoto,com and look for the instructions on how to become a contributor. You have to send in 3 images initially for approval. They all need to be different – I made the mistake of sending in all the same types which is why one batch got rejected. Read the details carefully though because they don’t allow a lot of stuff. You might be approved in the first round, it just took me a couple times. Good luck – and the idea of donating to charity is incredibly thoughtful!

    • You’re sweet. I thought I sent in one of my best photos ever and it got rejected so I really started to doubt myself but gave it a couple more shots. They are very picky about the subject matters – you can’t have people in them unless you have a release from the person – you can’t show any type of statue or art work without a release, etc.

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