Space Shuttle Endeavour Flies Right Over My House

Today the Space Shuttle Endeavour was making its way down to LAX and flew right over the Bay Area. It was flying down the Peninsula and I live a little more inland so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see it. But I started thinking about all the planes that do fly over our house going to Moffett Field so I thought I would take the chance and hang out in my front yard just in case. Half-heartedly thinking that it would fly by, I was messing around with my camera and its settings when all of a sudden I hear the engines of the plane.

In a panic, I start looking for the plane through my lens and trying to focus not realizing I had left it on an inappropriate setting. Talk about the biggest missed photo op ever!! At least I got these – this is with a 300mm zoom and I cropped in slightly to get closer but can you imagine if these had been in focus! These were taken from my front yard – a little bit of history literally flew right over my house today.

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About Susan Edel

I am a native Californian with a passion for luxury travel and photography. After living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the majority of my life, I have recently relocated to the beautiful Central California Wine Region of Paso Robles. I am enjoying exploring the central coast and all the benefits that living in this beautiful region offers. As a Luxury Lifestyle Travel Agent and owner of Saratoga Travel, it is my pleasure to explore all that is out there and to continue seeking the next best luxury resort. As the Founder and Editor of No Ordinary Resort, my digital magazine reviewing the finest resorts in the U.S. and beyond, it's my intention to share my experiences at these distinctive resorts with you through my posted reviews and photography. I hope you enjoy it. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter T), and Instagram

31 thoughts on “Space Shuttle Endeavour Flies Right Over My House

    • My husband works at NASA and there were 13,000+ people there to watch it fly by and it was suppose to fly over the landing strip so everyone could see it but for some reason it didn’t and it ended up flying behind the crowd and the hanger so it was extremely disappointing to all those people who attended. And here I was just standing in the street watching it go by! It was pretty awesome.

      • Okay, I had no idea you were NASA family….you get HUGE cool points for that! Getting the perspective of the cosmos into our insular, ego-centric brains is so valuable for this culture.

  1. That is too cool, Susan. I’m not entirely sad to see the shuttles retired, but rather am sad that nothing truly better is yet on the horizon to pick up where they left off and do MORE. Still, what an exciting thing – and to get (yes) fabulous shots of it! Well done, despite the wrong-setting-missed-opportunity-still-messing-about-with-the-camera situation. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I saw it too, and with a malfunctioning camera! I put down the camera and decided not to struggle with it. The Endeavour flew right over me and I felt the wonder of it to my bones – without the distraction of focusing a camera lens and getting exposure right. The shots I got were taken with my iPhone.

  3. Awesome! You captured it just well! What hope and patience you got there in you.
    I heard about, but had already previous plans that week and didn’t decide to make room for it. I probably would just give up, looking at sky afraid of getting a stiffed neck. Hehehe 😀 Great Job, Ske!

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