Welcome Fall!

I love the fall season. I love the nip in the air, the leaves turning colors, the anticipation of the holidays…I am welcoming fall with open arms.

Happy first day of fall!

16 thoughts on “Welcome Fall!

  1. Ok… I gave you a like for the picture as it a great shot but I have to say… if you were offered the nip in the air, a colourful horizon (which is only temporary before the grey sets in) or a white sandy beach, some sandals, a frozen drink under a palm tree watching the waves roll onto shore…what would you choose? The anticipation of the holidays can be had anywhere so thats a wash….

  2. Love this shot. Fall is my favorite season. We don’t get a lot of color change here, except for the aspens, but there are a couple of spots that I want to go to shoot that may have some great aspens. I’ll have to see. It may be too early now.

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