Meet Me at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar


If there’s one thing that is a pet peeve of mine when I travel, is to go to a new location and find all the same (corporate) eating and shopping establishments everywhere I go. When I arrive at a new destination, I want to experience that part of the country. I want local food, unique shops and to experience the culture of that region. So imagine my joy when I set my eyes on the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, WY.

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is a local establishment located in the downtown square in Jackson Hole with a western cowboy motif, including a large collection of western memorabilia, unique knobbled pine architecture, cowboy murals, animal mounts, and my favorite, genuine saddle barstools.

This is one of those places where there is no pretense, it’s an extremely comfortable atmosphere. I was able to order a local Jackson Hole Pale Ale along with a great burger.

The local crowd rolls in, orders their drink and grabs a pool stick to relax from their long day.

I was there in the early evening, but the Cowboy Bar offers live music and I wouldn’t doubt if I missed a good brawl or two by the end of the evening. 😉 This is my idea of tasting the local culture. I will certainly be visiting the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar again when I am in the area ~ and I’ll be sure to save you a saddle!




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