Great News!

I wanted to give a follow-up to that post awhile back about the person who bought some of my photos for an event brochure. I was excited to receive the check in the mail today along with a hard copy of the brochure. I was also sent an electronic version of the brochure, which I unfortunately couldn’t figure out how to import, but I created a slide show of the brochure below.

Event: Liberty Mutual Insurance Partners Leadership Conference
Location: Bacara Resort & Spa, Santa Barbara, CA
Graphic Design Firm: Twist Creative Group, Massachusetts 


Click on the top left image and it will walk you through the brochure. My images are on the third page, the inner back page, and the back cover.

33 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. Wonderful News! The photos are just stunning. I am so happy for you and glad that your amazing work has been professionally published. Keep up the great work ~
    Tori O’Halloran

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