Bisons Just Want to Have Fun Too!

While driving along the side of the road in Yellowstone park, I spotted this Bison taking a leisurely stroll.

I felt so fortunate when he came a little closer to road so I could get a good look at him.

It appeared he was going to lay down and take a little rest.

And then all of a sudden he went in for “the doggie roll”. I had to laugh as I never expected this move from a huge Bison.

Then he rolled out….

…And he’s up…

….And on his way.

I found the Bison to have quite playful personalities as another one ran out across the road in front of my car, causing me to slam on my brakes and upon arriving to the other side, he quite literally looked back at me like “sucka” and then mosied along. I guess the Bison just want to have a little fun with all the tourist.

19 thoughts on “Bisons Just Want to Have Fun Too!

  1. This happens to us so often when in the parks… an elephant will walk into the road and make all the traffic stop… then off the road and just when you begin to move … back into the road… I think we underestimate the animals we encounter … as you say … they just want to have fun…

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