The St. Martin Rose Garden Home Tour 2012

What is it with us women (and let’s not exclude the men) with our need to “nest”. We love scouring the design magazines looking for ideas and shopping at home stores searching for that perfect accessory to adorn our house. It’s an innate need to cozy up our homes and create the perfect atmosphere for family and friends to dwell in. And no one does this better than my sister does.

I speak of her often so you know that it’s Vicki Petulla and my statement is evidently true with the huge success of her design idea Facebook page The Creeping Fig. Vicki was asked by St. Martin School if she would put her home on the St. Martin Rose Garden Home Tour which is their annual fundraiser and she agreed to do so. Which indeed drew all of us women in large groups to tour the homes and gather ideas we can implement in our homes….or for some of us, become extremely depressed that we don’t live in homes like these!


Vicki’s home is always in pristine condition but with the help of a local design services and furniture shop, lulu Pom in Los Gatos, the house was in amazing form. I wasn’t sure if it would have been appropriate to take pictures at the other homes, not to mention trying to capture images with hoards of people, so I don’t have images of the other homes however they were all nice….but of course, I’m partial to one. 😉

So for your entertainment, enjoy the readers digest version of my sister’s house as it was on the home tour.

The Main Living Room: Designed with a relaxed elegance, this room is perfect for intimate conversations and entertaining.

Dining Room: A large farm table easily seats 10 for fun dinner parties. The mixture of fabric covered chairs along with the criss-cross patterned side chairs adds an eclectic touch that creates interest.

The Family Room: This is the room most used by the family. Some fun accessories were brought in by lulu Pom such as those antique, oversized books (that I drooled over…sorry lulu Pom if there are any stains on them), and they created a fantastic contrast with the juxtaposition of the warm sofa, with the complement of a couple contemporary chairs. For a creative touch, the TV is framed with a real picture frame and for a Halloween treat a showing of Psycho played during the home tour.

The Master Bedroom: Warm and cozy, this room invites you to come in and shed the day’s stress.

Son’s Room: Really what little boy doesn’t want a room like this? Fun and unique art, antique planes and trucks (not seen), an extra bed for your buddy and a set of Hardy Boys books to top off the evening ~ this room has everything a little boy needs.

A fun vignette created by lulu Pom Interiors

And Vicki’s incredible floral arrangements and holiday decor

Kudos to the women/men and homeowners who put on this event. I know from personal experience, as I donated my services one year for this event, that it is a lot of work. It looked like it was a very successful event by the attendance and I hope that it raised a lot of money for the school.


14 thoughts on “The St. Martin Rose Garden Home Tour 2012

  1. Wow that’s one special home… with a definite feel of being lovingly lived in… I love some of the older look if I may call it that… not too modern but very comfortable… a home that is obviously lived in and enjoyed… wonderful set of photos showing the home…

    • Yes, my sister’s done a good job in training her son to keep things tidy! I believe he’s allowed to play in one corner of a back room. 🙂 The book is moving along slowly and probably won’t progress more until Spring. Thanks for asking.

  2. Thank you for posting this Susan! It was great to see you and yes, your sister’s home was amazing. But more than that, she and Jeff are wonderful people who generously gave of themselves to help our school. We are really grateful and proud to have shown people what a beautiful and truly unique home they have created.

  3. Susan! I just now saw this and am literally wiping the drool off my keyboard. Your photography is amazing. Between the two of you Ellena sisters, there is a whole lotta talent, that’s fo’sure! Xo

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