A Day By The Bay

To say that the weather has been utterly glorious these past few days would be an understatement. It has been picture-perfect here in the San Francisco Bay Area ~ to stay inside would be a crime. So there was no question that it was a perfect day for a bike ride by the Bay.

The hubby and I threw our bikes in the back of the pickup and headed to the Shoreline Bay Trail. A perfect trail for a leisurely ride by the Bay that goes on for miles and miles and the enjoyment of many different types of wetlands wildlife.

Silly I know, but I love all the wooden structures.

Along our ride, we arrived at a spot where there are some duck hunting blinds and we came across two hunters that had just wrapped up their hunting adventure for the day. This is where I met, Zuzu, the sweetest, most adorable hunting dog. Once the ducks have been shot, it is Zuzu’s job to plunge in and retrieve the duck and bring it back to her owner. I took a picture of the ducks that were retrieved but in the end just couldn’t post them.

At one time, this area was known for its salt beds but today there are only dried up remains. I have to say, I found the dried formations fascinating.

In the background of this picture are the airplane hangers located at NASA Moffett Field.

And we came across some great wildlife such as Ecru…

this flock of white Pelicans…

which I then managed to scare away…

and how cute are these two?

Overall, an amazing day in the sunshine, enjoying nature and getting some good exercise! Can’t ask for more than that. ๐Ÿ™‚

21 thoughts on “A Day By The Bay

  1. Yes what more can one ask for… a relationship with nature is as good as a years supply of pills… I just love all the photos.. the wooden structures included… the pelicans are outstanding… specially those in flight… magnificent…

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