Show Me A Sign….

And just for fun…

Thanks so much to all of you who have supported me over the past year. I just hit my 1 year anniversary and this is my 300th post. I appreciate the fact that you all stop by to check out my blog and I really appreciate your support. Have a great week!

23 thoughts on “Show Me A Sign….

  1. Great job with your first year and 300 posts… I’ve enjoyed the ride with you for a period of that time, not the full year as I only stated near the beginning of this year, but what I’ve seen has been a pleasure… so I say to you, Thank you…

  2. Cool! You’re not just one of my favorites but you’re an inspiration, and have been since I happened onto your corner of the interwebs. I raise a glass to your first year and the hope that you have another year or twenty in you, Susan.

  3. Congrats, Sweet Sue! Jimmy-time & I were just talking about you this weekend. He was actually gushing saying how much he likes you and how sweet you are 🙂 And how much he LOVES “Spedazzles!” Keep up the good work!

  4. Congratulations! One year? I thought you’d been at this forever. Such a beautiful blog. I remember the first time I came here and saw a photo of what I think was some show your sister was doing? Or an outdoor sale? There were big pots and lots of really colorful, well-photographed things there. You have your own style. I can almost recognize your photos without knowing who shot them. That’s cool to have a signature style. Don’t you think you do? I really do enjoy coming here. Thanks, Susan. 🙂

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