“Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.” Anonymous

Jackson Hole, WY

I’m not a snow skier but as someone who loves speed and the wind in my face, I can imagine that it’s quite a thrill to soar down a mountain at fast speeds with the wind flying by you. When I was in Jackson Hole, WY a few months ago, I visited the Teton Village and took the tram up to the top of the mountain. It was a beautiful sight.

Jackson Hole, WY 024.NEF

A little bit of heaven…

Jackson Hole, WY 067.NEF

When I reached the top, I fell in love with the tiny chalet (a snack shack) and I was fascinated by all the skis attached to it.

Jackson Hole, WY 044.NEFJackson Hole, WY 040.NEF

True to my nature, my imagination starts running away and wondering who rode these skis? What tricks were performed, what feats had been accomplished, how many broken legs had been had? Each of these pair of skis has a story to tell.

Jackson Hole, WY 039.NEFJackson Hole, WY 079.NEF

It wasn’t snowing at the time I was there, but now that it’s winter, I’m sure these hills are covered with snow and I love the thought that new stories are being created each and every day. If you’re a skier, here’s hoping there’s fresh powder in your near future and that you are creating your own rad, new stories. And I’ll meet you at the lodge for Après-Ski ~ drinks and war stories. 😉  Cheers!


12 thoughts on ““Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.” Anonymous

  1. I love skiing!!!! I have never skied in Wyoming but would love to!!! My dad who is 70 still beats me down the hill and I’m not slow. I love the feel of the wind too. Thanks for sharing you wonderful photos!

  2. Love your photos. It made me laugh when I read that you wonder about the history of your photo subjects. I do that also. Glad to know it might be “normal” 😉

  3. Many years ago I strapped two toothpicks to my feet and went to the top (silly, stupid me) of one of Canada’s premier ski resorts, Mont Tremblant, and there I found … ice. I’ve never down-hill skied again.

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